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Buying a property in Australia can seem like an insurmountable task. Different rules, abundant choice and lack of access can make it difficult to move forward on a final decision.

AussieAssist is the complete service for anyone looking to purchase an Australian property but not completely sure of the process and method.

Our revolutionary and cost effective method allows you to gain important property, tax and finance information at minimum cost, while also reducing the inconvenience and difficulty involved with sourcing a property from offshore.

We believe, being armed with the right advice and knowledge about what options are best suited to each individual, the choice becomes more defined and the criteria more identifiable.

Our consultants will provide impartial advice and information which will make the buying process less hazardous and can remove most of the uncertainties from the process, including: property selection, walk through video inspection, assistance with legal advice, building reports and property management.

AussieAssist will allow you to make a clear and confident investment decision, perfectly tailored to your individual circumstances.

Have all your questions about Aussie property answered

  • Which property is best for me
  • Does it fit in with my long or short term goals
  • What can I afford
  • Location research, recent sales and leasing in my search area
  • Best finance options for my purchase
  • Ongoing leasing and property management
  • Best ways to optimize my tax position during ownership

Contact us now for investment piece of mind

We are results driven. We want the best possible outcomes and the fastest results, just like you.

Your AussieAssist package includes

  • Personal consultation to review your purchasing options
  • A review of properties which suit your purchasing criteria
  • Area information & assessment
  • Property purchase information
  • Property Tax Estimator
  • Finance assessment including loan pre-approval and affordability analysis
  • Property management information and contact
  • Insurance information
  • 20% discount off your Australian tax return fee in your first year

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